Here are two limited-edition specialty books for the classic fiberglass Chris Craft enthusiast.  Both are arranged in similar format and are intended to compliment one another as useful reference books for any library, living room, salon, or aft deck. 

"The Legacy" book first edition quickly sold out, and the second edition is presently in very limited supply due to demand.  If you want a copy of this one better get it now ! 

"The Restoration" book is just now being released, and it will probably sell out before the end of the 2011 season.  If you want a copy for a Christmas gift, please order early !.

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The Legacy of
The Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander
A Photo-Intensive Overview and Spotters Guide for the
Classic Chris Craft Boating Enthusiast

By Paul Pletcher

This book outlines the general history of Chris Craft during the transitional years when the Smith family sold Chris Craft to NAFI (National Automotive Fibers, Inc.) and the line of fabulous fiberglass Commanders that followed, commencing in 1964 with the first 38' Express designed by Fred Hudson and Bill MacKerer.  The initial 38' Express was designed and shipped in secret to the 1964 New York Boat Show, where it was unveiled amid much fanfare and shook the boating world with it's awesome shape and style.  The boat had a pointed transom, and continuous foils that extended all the way along the port and starboard length of the hull.  The shape of the hull was so unique, it could not be pulled from a mold, and had to be constructed from three pieces.  This was an expensive process, partially due to the height limitations at the plant in Michigan, but Fred and Bill exploited this fact with features that make these 38' Commanders still appreciated and coveted today.

After the initial 38, Dick Avery styled many fabulous Commander models from 19' to 60', many with options of Express, Sedan, and Command Bridge features.  This line of early fiberglass premium boats from Chris Craft securely established the company as a builder of high quality, functional, durable, and exquisitly styled boats.  There was a model for virtually every boating need, style, and budget.  Due to the high quality fiberglass resins and construction techniques, these boats still represent very solid investments 40 or more years later, and many are still in good original condition, many have been upgraded, restored and repowered, but they all represent "the Golden Era" of Chris Craft fiberglass boat manufacturing. 

This Book outlines the Commander line from 19' to 60', giving an overview, impressions, some specifications, and lots of documentation photos.  It is an ideal reference piece for any classic boating enthusiast, and an indespensible reference for any Chris Craft Commander owner or fan.  The book has "hundreds of photos" and all but a few are printed in 4-color offset printing. 


Much of the information contained in the book has come in from all parts of the world, from contributors and fans who either own these boats, are restoring them, or simply have information and an interest to share.  Therefore you will see a 31' Commander owned by Heidi Pigeon and Paul LeRoux, running on the English Channel between the UK and France, a 41' Commander owned by Sonia and Oliver Oelgart running on the Mediterranean, a 47' Commander running on the Pacific Ocean owned by Doug Lambert, a 45' Commander Tournament Fisherman owned by John Austin, also on the Pacific Ocean, a 38' Commander restored in Australia by Warren Pateman, and boats here in the United States literally from coast-to-coast, throughout the Great Lakes, and all through the heartland.


Above top, Jim Peters, of Seattle, Washington, and his 36' Commander Tournament Fisherman, GIGGITY, hauled for routine maintenance.. 
Above, seven Commanders ranging in length from 31' to 42' shown here docked togetheer.   







 Restoration of the
Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander

Also featuring the classic fiberglass Lancer and Corsair runabouts!
A Photo-Intensive documentation of World-Class Restorations.

By Paul Pletcher

This book is the only one of its kind  ~ focusing exclusively on the restoration of classic fiberglass Chris Craft boats, with approximately 600 color photographs.

The book outlines a brief history of the fiberglass Chris Craft runabout and cruiser beginning in 1963, provides a treasure trove of tips and "how to" restoration techniques, and features fourteen specific boats within a dedicated chapter for each boat.  In addition, there are chapters focusing on paint, instrument restoration, motors, cooling, and parts supply sources.  The information contained within these pages represents a collaboration between many people world-wide, and it can provide the support, technical tips, and confidence for a boating enthusiast to proceed with a similar project of their own.  I am honored to have received direct assistance from Herb Pocklington and Chris Smith during the preparation of his book.  The motivation for this publication is to inspire people to take on more restoration projects to save more of these great classic fiberglass Chris Craft boats. 

Anyone owning or restoring a classic fiberglass Chris Craft should have a copy of this book !



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